Selling Through Harvest

Selling your property through Harvest Agents is totally different to the vast amount of rural agents. Our capability across agricultural assets and finance provides you a different approach.

Harvest was developed purely as an alternative to the local agent and the big branded agencies to provide you the ability to market and sell your property or business effectively.

Businesses and farms are selling to buyers whom require an Agent whom understands the needs of domestic and international investors and be able to speak to the asset as much as the financial returns.

At Harvest we translate your value proposition to investors where they can clearly see the opportunity.

You have worked extremely hard over the years to build your asset and the landscape has changed requiring a new approach to market properties and businesses effectively.  

Our capability and expertise sets us apart from the normal Agent providing you focus and intimate support to sell your agri enterprise.

Please feel free to call and experience the Harvest advantage.

Ready to Sell?

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