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Quarterly Update - Winter 2017

Please find attached the Harvest Agents and Advisory Quarterly Update covering some of the commodities and themes affecting Australian Agricultural investment Click here to read ... Read More

The Rural Property Investment Arbitrage - The Cost per MT factor

Written by: Luke Kenniff

Every since I started my career in commodity trading I have always had a keen eye for a spread trade or arbitrage opportunity. Given I am now in agricultural advisory supporting a range of investors in agriculture, the opportunities still remain at large. This phenomenon may be no news to some investors however it is clear that there are many opportunities within the market that are being missed by some. Clearly investors are putting capital to work in assets that may look at ... Read More

Harvest 2015 Update

Written by: Luke Kenniff

As harvest progresses through NSW south, many growers are seeing a wide range of grain yields and qualities. Whilst the season has been long and in some cases disappointing, do not despair! Your marketing decisions that you contemplate now will have a marked influence on your net return.Be considered when looking at your grades and locations and be sure to consult a wide range of people within your network. To this end, feed grains such as barley are are generally best held ... Read More