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Harvest 2015 Update

Written by: Luke Kenniff

As harvest progresses through NSW south, many growers are seeing a wide range of grain yields and qualities. Whilst the season has been long and in some cases disappointing, do not despair!

Your marketing decisions that you contemplate now will have a marked influence on your net return.Be considered when looking at your grades and locations and be sure to consult a wide range of people within your network. To this end, feed grains such as barley are are generally best held on farm and look for a home direct to the consumer. Higher protein grades are being well bid into the export channels.

However, the rain events over the weekend were less than expected and protein availability may be not as tight as first thought. Whilst we have the normal frustrations at harvest and sites, I must acknowledge Graincorp and their recent Croptimisor program, I have personally upgraded numerous loads which has had a marked benefit to my business.

The best of luck to those still toiling on the harvester….


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