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"Mungindi Aggregation" Mungindi , Mungindi

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Property Introduction

Large Scale Premium Cotton Property. Optionality to buy all or part, buy the dryland developed HA and Lease Water Holdings.


For Sale -

• Mungindi Aggregation "MA" consists of 5 properties aggregated into one parcel situated 5-10kms on the outskirts of Mungindi on the NSW/Queensland Border.
• The aggregated business is in an ideal position taking full advantage of the geographical position, soils, water and climate of the region to provide consistent, high yielding premium cotton and a range of other crops.
• The business has strong forecasted cash returns plus capital appreciation opportunities supported by large water entitlements and further land development.
• The aggregated assets provide scale and water sharing flexibility underlying a great opportunity to combine within a current portfolio or as a new investment within the industry.
Property Overview
• The property has deep alluvial soils developed with over 2170 hectares developed for irrigation.
• The properties hold over 16,000 megalitres (NV)of water allocations supported by various water sources and over 150 square kilometres of direct overland flow water catchment.
- 2170 developed hectares of which 450HA is converted to padman stops and just under 11,000ML of storage.
- 11678 ML (NV) of Unsupp Licences. These licences have an annual VL of 29,195 ML (2.5X NV) and a Total account limit of 58,390 ML (5X NV).
- 3100 ML (NV) of Supp Licences
- 1428 ML of OLF. .
• The properties have a consistent history of summer and winter crop rotations with income diversity to produce a range crops.
• With the water allocation, the property has modeling produced to support further storage development to underpin an increase in green hectares with strong ROI metrics.
• With the strong water entitlements, the properties can produce a consistent 1700HA of cotton, which is supported by an independent hydrology report.
• Further scope to improve water movement and utilization opportunities across the aggregation exists to the benefit of the buyer.
• There is the opportunity to of buy the developed land portion ($9-10M) and lease the water on a long term basis.

Infrastructure and services
• The property has strong and well maintained infrastructure in irrigation assets on farm, including pump sites, buildings and accomodation.

Property Overview

Property ID: 1P0007
Property Type: Acreage
Land Size: 3400 hectares approx.